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This year SECON will feature two exciting workshops. Find more details by clicking the links below:

1. Security and Privacy of Mobile, Wireless and Sensor Networks Workshop

To cope with the rapid increase in mobile users and the increasing demand for mobile, wireless and sensor networks (MWSNs), it is becoming imperative to provide the necessary security protocols and privacy guarantees to users of MWSNs. In turn, these specific demands in security and privacy require new methodologies that are specifically designed to cope with the strict requirements of the networks. In general, the real-world performance of MWSNs crucially depends on the selected protocols, and their suitability and efficiency for the layers of the implementation. A satisfactory security design and protocol are therefore crucial for the performance of MWSNs. It is a great challenge to achieve efficient and robust realizations of such highly dynamic and secure MWSNs. Moreover, the study of security and privacy in the context of MWSNs provides insights into problems and solutions that are orthogonal to programming languages, programming paradigms, computer hardware, and other aspects of the implementation. The objective for this workshop is to address those topics, which we believe will play an important role in current and future research on and education of MWSNs.

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Conference website:

2. International Workshop of Internet-of-Things Networking and Control (IoT-NC)

The IEEE Int'l Workshop on Internet-of-Things Networking and Control (IoT-NC), in conjunction with IEEE SECON 2013 is a new event particularly focusing on all aspects of networking and control of IoT. It aims at providing a forum that brings together researchers from academia as well as practitioners from industry and government to meet and exchange ideas on recent research work, point out the directions for future research, and seek collaboration opportunities on all aspects of the IoT enabling technologies. The goal of this workshop is to promote borderless discussions and identify suitable technical solutions, in particular communications and networking technologies, to enable effective and efficient IoT system design and implementations.

We are looking for papers that present new techniques, introduce new methodologies, propose new research directions, or discuss strategies for resolving open problems spanning all aspects of IoT. The focus will cover both the system-level solutions like software/hardware architectures, and the protocol-level solutions. Furthermore, application-oriented demos and prototypes are also highly encouraged.

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